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BBC allow imam with 'anti-semitic and sexist' views to question Tory leadership candidates

Patrick Christys
Jun 19, 2019

What on earth are we paying the BBC licence fee for? At last night's Tory Leadership debate the Beeb hand-picked an imam to ask questions to the candidates...only for it to emerge that he's made some disgusting, anti-semitic comments and been derogatory towards women!

The BBC won't even apologise! They say they weren't aware of his vile social media posts.

What do you make of this? Comment below.

In one tweet, Imam Abdullah Patel, who, worryingly, is deputy head at a primary school in Gloucestershire, appeared to suggest women are to blame for rape, writing: 'Lets make something clear: Generally, men are the predators, but women need to realise this and be smarter. 

'It takes 2 to tango, and if you put yourself in that position, don't expect every man to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of you. Don't be alone with a man!'

He also shared a post that suggested Israel should be relocated to America. 

It showed Israel's outline superimposed on to a map of the US under the headline: Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict - Relocate Israel into United States.'

Alongside the image, he wrote: FOUND THE SOLUTION! America wants to look after Israel? I've got a way to make them neighbours! (Until Israel attack). 

In another tweet he wrote: 'Every political figure on Zionist's payroll is scaring the world about Corbyn. 

'They don't like him. He seems best suited to tackle them!' 

What a scumbag. And the BBC aren't much better. Yet another reason to not pay the licence fee!

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