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Today's the day the political establishment could get a kicking

Patrick Christys
May 23, 2019

Today's the day that traditional politics, the established parties and their establishment representatives, could get a good old kicking.

It's EU election day and one poll for YouGov put the Brexit Party on 37%, the Lib Dems second on 19%, Labour on 13%, the Greens on 12% and the Tories down at 7%.

Are you voting? Do you think Farage is the saviour of Brexit or a gobby chancer who's only in it for himself? Is Corbyn the answer? Comment below to let us know.

British politicians have made this country an international laughing stock. 

We've been led by a woman who appears to be allergic to human contact, the leader of the opposition wears silly hats, thinks Diane Abbot is a force for good, as is the IRA, and has had more positions than the Karma Sutra when it comes to Brexit.

Then there's the Lib Dems. There have been more sightings of the Loch Ness Monster than Lib Dem Leader Vince Cable over the last few months. 

How has it all come to this? We used to be led by statesmen, by people who looked like they belonged on the international stage.

And now...well...I'm starting to think Guy Fawkes was right.

There are strong rumours that Theresa May could resign on Friday. What will she be remembered for?

When you think about it, perhaps she'll be remembered in a very similar way to previous PMs: deceitful, dishonest, devoid of good ideas.

Do you think it's time Theresa May quit? Comment below.

If she was the family pet, there'd have been a rather sad trip to the vets a long time ago. 

Who would have thought, whether you're a Remainer or Brexiteer, that several years after the public voted to leave the EU, we'd still be in this position?

Meanwhile, crime rises, the NHS crumbles, the education system collapses, politicians vote in parliament wearing police ankle tags, eco-warriors shut down London...

And to think, we have the audacity of calling ourselves Great Britain.


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