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Black Friday is coming – watch out for dud deals. Our Top Tips to bag a bargain

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Nov 17, 2016

Black Friday bargain hunters have been warned to be on their guard against being ripped off after research shows many of last year’s great deals are anything but.

Consumer group Which? found that 49% of last year's bargains it analysed were not the cheapest on the day.

It found that just 90 out of the 178 deals it looked at were cheapest on Black Friday.

Black Friday is officially next Friday, November 25, but just as the Christmas sales period seems to get longer every year, so retailers are now stretching the Black Friday offering.

Amazon started to offer deals in mid-November.

It said: “In response to customer feedback, we spread out great deals over several days."


Here are our top tips to bagging a bargain this Black Friday


1) Do your homework

Serious Black Friday shoppers will not just assume that something advertised as a bargain is one.

They will have checked out prices online before the big day. 

They’ll have made comparisons with other products and considered whether something mega cheap really represents a bargain, FOR THEM.

Check out reviews and keep the price-checking research going until the last moment as many products will suddenly feature in headline-grabbing ultra-low price gimmicks.  


2)  Have targets 

Know what you’re after and go for it.

on’t be distracted or you could well end up buying something on impulse that either isn’t a bargain or that you don’t need/want.

Most retailers involved in Black Friday list their deals as ‘coming soon’ in order to create interest. 


3) Hunt down the pre-sale sales

As the tradition continues to grow, more and more retailers are trying to get ahead by starting their ‘Black Friday’ sales early. 

Familiarise yourself with these and get them checked off the list. You might start with Amazon, which has been price cutting from mid November.


4) Stay in the loop

The majority of participating retailers want to make it easy for you to get spending which is why they have created specific Black Friday pages containing important information on sale start and end times, products up for grabs and the biggest reductions.

Bookmark these pages for super simple bargain hunting with the likes of John Lewis, Amazon and Argos.


5) Don't forget Cyber Monday

Just when you think it’s all over, Cyber Monday takes hold and it’s time for online retailers to get involved in the fun, if they haven’t already.

That means more bargains to be had on less tech-based products such as fashion, beauty and holidays from some big names including, and


6) Keep an eye out for extended sales

Usually, retailers extend some of their sales, and it's now not unusual for them to all the way through to Christmas once Cyber Monday is over. 


7) Do a recce

If you’re heading to one of the big department stores to bag your bargain, it will help if you know exactly where to go when the doors open and you’re swept along by the throng. 

You certainly don’t want to be left standing at the foot of the escalators blinking stupidly at the store guide.

If you don’t know the store well, then a visit to plan your route ahead of time is a good idea. If that’s not possible, then at least know which floor you’re heading for by checking the shop’s website.


8) Don’t forget price matching 

Lots of stores, especially the bigger ones, boast a price promise that says they’ll match any competitor’s price. 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t call them on this, even on Black Friday.

If you have a problem with a retailer on Black Friday, post your complaint on A Spokesman Said. We're in your corner. 

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