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EXCLUSIVE: Ticket Selection - website investigated by police is still allegedly ripping off hundreds of customers

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Jun 13, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: A ticket reselling website called Ticket Selection, which was probed by police in 2016, has been able to continue operating despite hundreds of people claiming to have been conned.

An investigation by A Spokesman Said can reveal that two people based in the UK were spoken to by the police two years ago, but no charges were laid due to lack of evidence.

The website's domain was taken down by the police.


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But an offshore based Ticket Selection website remains online, with new customers claiming to have been scammed every day.

A Spokesman Said has received more than 700 complaints from customers who bought tickets, the tickets were never delivered, and the customers never received a refund.

One woman recently spent £437 on tickets and received nothing from the company.

Questions are now being raised as to why the company is still allowed to be online.


"I felt humiliated"

Tony Cheadle, a lifelong Rolling Stones fan, paid £222 for tickets, hoping to see the rockers at Old Trafford last Tuesday.

But the tickets never arrived.

"I may never get a chance to see them again. [Ticket Selection] robbed me of that."

Ticket Selection

Tony, 69, from Pendlebury, outside Manchester, is not expecting to get his money back either.

If you buy tickets with a credit card, you may be able to get your money back from the card company under the Consumer Credit Act 2006.

But those like Tony, who pay by debit card, do not have the same level of protection.

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He had initially tried to get tickets through Ticketmaster, but when he missed out, looked elsewhere, stumbling across Ticket Selection.

"I had tickets in 10 minutes.

"I started telling people 'I'm going to the Rolling Stones'.

"A week before the show I thought 'I should have got my tickets'."

He emailed Ticket Selection and got an automated email. He responded and got the same email.

Even on the day of the concert he still held out hope, emailing Ticket Selection again. All he got was the same automated email.

"Then I knew, the game was up.

"I felt humiliated."

He looked for more information about the company.

"I read all the reviews - the reviews are just a tale of woe.

"How much have they scammed off people?

"You can still go on the website, they are still advertising for plenty of concerts coming up."

"It beggars the question ‘why is this company still being allowed to trade in this country?’

"This company is collecting hundreds of thousands of pounds from the British Public without sending any tickets to their customers."


Website shut down in 2016

The website was taken down by City of London Police in September 2016.

The remains online, with the company appearing to be based out of Spain.

Ticket Selection

The website shutdown came after "a number of reports" were made to Action Fraud between June and December 2016, Metropolitan Police Service media and communication manager Alan Crockford said

The Metropolitan Police investigated some of the reports.

A man in his 30s, and a woman in her 40s, were interviewed by police.

But in April 2017, the case was reviewed and no further action was taken due to insufficient evidence.

Police did not state on what grounds the websites were taken down.

This left a lot of unanswered questions, which both the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police would not answer.

The Metropolitan Police refused to answer the following questions:

  • How many reports were made?
  • Are the police still monitoring this company?
  • Have police continued to receive complaints from people since 2016?
  • What part of the country were the man and woman based?

 City of London Police would not say anything about the website.

"We are only able to provide updates on reports where an NFRC number has been provided. We are unable to comment on individual names or companies," a spokesperson said.


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Flying under the radar

Ticketing website Viagogo has come under fire recently for breaching UK laws, with Minister for Digital Margot James going as far as to urge consumers not to use it.

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Yet since 2016, Ticket Selection has flown under the radar.

FanFair Alliance campaign manager Adam Webb was unsure why the website was still allowed to be online.

"I believe that the authorities are aware of this site, which does then beg the final question - what's stopping it being taken down?

"It should have been shut down a long time ago. It's clearly breaching UK consumer law. But that's a question for Action Fraud, Trading Standards and the police.

"The UK has various consumer protection laws in place. But we need them to be enforced, and with proper sanctions for those who disregard them."


"I definitely don't think they should be allowed to be online.”

Vicki Doyle paid £437 for her family to see Michael McIntyre in March, and to see Gregory Porter in April at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Ticket Selection

She could not recall how she found Ticket Selection, but believed it was probably off Google.

"I am quite cautious, but I saw the padlock in the corner of the address bar and thought it was safe to use.”

"I sent an email and got a reply saying 'this email is not monitored'. That was the first time I was alarmed."

Vicki was lucky that she paid by credit card and was able to get a refund from her bank.

She said it would be a different story if she had not.

"That is quite a lot of money."

"I definitely don't think they should be allowed to be online.”


Who are Ticket Selection?

Ticket Selection's website appears to look any other ticket website.

 Ticket Selection
The Ticket Selection website remains live despite hundreds of complaints of fraud.

However upon closer inspection, the company has no contact details on its website, only an address based in Spain, and 

The website also includes the statement "Thank you for using, London’s favourite ticket broker".

The Ticket Selection Facebook page is overrun with comments from users angry about not receiving their tickets and then never receiving their refunds.

The page has made multiple comments saying "Thank you for providing your order information. I will make a follow up regarding this and someone will be in touch shortly."

However there appear to be no follow-ups to these.

Facebook groups called "Ticket Selection stop the scammers", "Ticket Selection Scam Site", and "Ticket Selection Scammers" have also been set up.

A Spokesman Said made multiple attempts to contact Ticket Selection. Ticket Selection never responded to any of them.


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Investigations underway

The Competition and Markets Authority is currently investigating ticket reselling websites.

However it would not disclose which websites are being investigated or if Ticket Selection was one of them.

It also offered no indication of when a decision might be made.

National Trading Standards is investigating businesses and individuals who buy tickets in bulk.However, like the CMA, it would also not disclose any further information.

Yet, Ticket Selection remains online, with new people claiming to have been scammed every day.

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