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Ticket Selection continues to take people's money then not send tickets

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Jan 17, 2018

Hundreds of concert-goers and sports fans are being left broken-hearted and out of pocket thanks to website Ticket Selection.

We estimate the company has taken more than £100,000 from customers who never actually received tickets.

This is based on nearly 650 complaints on A Spokesman Said from unhappy customers who paid hundreds of pounds for tickets that never arrived.

Then to add insult to injury, they do not even get a refund.

Ticket Selection was one of the most complained about companies in 2017 and has been labelled scammers and frauds by users.


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Yet the company has shown absolutely no remorse for its actions – refusing to respond to multiple messages sent by A Spokesman Said.

The company was even reported to the Met Police for misleading customers last year.

In September The Mirror reported that Ticket Selection's London office at 5a Walker Court, Soho, London, did not exist and was actually the site of a tattoo parlour and adult store.

A Spokesman Said spoke to several unhappy customers about what happened to them.

Between five of them they paid Ticket Selection £1247 and have not been refunded a pence.

Their stories are below:


Queen fan left devastated

Peter Jackson paid £228 for tickets to see Queen and Adam Lambert in Newcastle in December.

"We booked a hotel however when we arrived at the hotel we still hadn't received our tickets.

"I went on live chat explaining my situation and they kept promising I will get my tickets but then with three hours before the event I received an email from Ticket Selection saying that my tickets were no longer available due to their seller letting them down."

Peter was absolutely devastated.

"I am a massive Queen fan. I just want to make sure nobody uses Ticket Selection again as they will let you down."

To make it worse, he has not received a refund.

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"Disappointment cannot be compensated for"

Joanne Noakes was also excited to see Queen and Adam Lambert after booking through Ticket Selection.

She ordered three tickets but heard nothing from the booking company.

"I did not receive any correspondence until I emailed a few days before the gig."

Then 4.30pm on the day of the gig the company emailed to say it did not have her tickets.

"It is simply not acceptable for companies to take payment for tickets they do not possess.

"Thankfully I hadn't booked a hotel and I did not have far to travel but the disappointment cannot be compensated for!"

She has been left £375.82 out of pocket by Ticket Selection.

Music fans have been repeatedly let down by Ticket Selection after it failed to send tickets.


Let down twice by Ticket Selection

Tracy Muir booked tickets to see Blink 182 in 2017 but – surprise, surprise – Ticket Selection failed to deliver.

Sadly, Tracey used Ticket Selection again to book tickets to Queen and Adam Lambert in December.

She paid £210 - which she has not been refunded.

"We were repeatedly told that the tickets would be either emailed or to be collected at the venue.

"We booked a hotel in Newcastle, both took the day off and paid for a baby sitter.

"An hour before the concert we were told that they were a ticket resale company and the tickets had not been downloaded by the seller so therefore the tickets were not available to email to us.

"All I can say is disgraceful, AGAIN."


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"I don't expect to get the money back"

Reuben Morillo booked tickets seven months in advance to see Metallica in October 2017.

"I started to become worried because one day before the event I still didn't have the tickets. They were just giving excuses in every single email and then, of course, no tickets."

Reuben asked for a refund.

"Then I was told to wait 28 days for the £230 refund. They reply - it looks like automated emails - saying to contact my bank and they will process the refund. A 100% scam company."

But after 28 days he is still waiting for the refund.

"I don't expect to get the money back, obviously."

Reuben said he found Ticket Selection online by searching the net.

"It looked a serious website as it is quite well presented. It was the first and the only time I used this website.

"I've even been to the address on the website in London and it's fake, it doesn't exist. Actually, it's a Sex Shop. They made it even funny.

"I was told by the guy from the sex shop that they've been doing this for years and already stole thousands of pounds."


"They need bringing to account"

Sara Yirrell bought three tickets to see Steps in Birmingham in December.

She paid six months before the gig and kept emailing Ticket Selection, asking where the tickets were.

"Each time I was fobbed off with a 'this is perfectly normal for our company as we are a secondary ticket site'.

But on the day of the event Ticket Selection changed its tune.

"I got an email saying I would get a refund as the 'seller hadn't uploaded the tickets'.

"Surely selling something that they don't actually have is illegal?"

Sara said she checked on Facebook and discovered loads of other people in the same position.

She has not received any word of a refund for her £204.

"I am furious. They need bringing to account."


Steer clear of Ticket Selection

We think what Ticket Selection is doing is absolutely deplorable - when it comes to this bunch we suggest you STAY AWAY.

Of all the irony, Ticket Selection even have a page on their website about "HOW TO AVOID SCAMS WHILE BUYING CONCERT TICKETS ONLINE".

We suggest they change their page to just say "Don't buy tickets from Ticket Selection".


Avoiding getting ripped off

If you are buying tickets online you should try and find the venue's website first.

To avoid getting ripped off, make sure you only buy tickets from the venue’s box office, the promoter, or a well-known and reputable ticket site.

Paying for your tickets by credit card will offer increased protection over other payments methods, such as debit card, cash, or money transfer services.

Avoid making payments through bank transfer or money transfer services, as the payment may not be recoverable.


What to look out for when buying online

Look for the contact details of the website you’re buying the tickets from.

There should be a landline phone number and a full postal address.

This will also tell you more about the company – Ticket Selection, for instance, is now based in Spain despite doing most of it business in the UK.

Avoid the site if there is only a PO box address and mobile phone number. Both of these are easy to change and difficult to trace.

Top tip: If in doubt, check it out – search the company's address on Google - the Spanish address on Ticket Selection's webpage does not actually exist when put in Google Maps.


You can also look at the website itself for a few signs.

Make sure the web address starts with https - the ‘s’ stands for secure.

Look for the padlock - the SiteLock Trust Seal to the left of the address bar on your web browser is another sign the website is secure.

IMPORTANT: If a website does have a padlock, it is not a guarantee the site is legit. You still need to check other things.

For example: Ticket Selection does have an "https" but it does not have a padlock.

Check if the website has a security sticker – these are usually at the very bottom of the webpage.

Look for this image or one similar:

These checks only take a second, but can save you time and money in the long run.


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