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“Ticket Selection hasn’t delivered my tickets”, say angry customers

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jun 3, 2016

Customers of Ticket Selection have blasted the booking site for failing to deliver orders.

Fans planning to attend gigs like Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay this weekend are still waiting for tickets that should have been delivered ten days before the event

Many now fear they will not be able to go.

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We spoke to music fan Lesley Jenkins, who planned to see Rod Stewart at Norwich’s Carrow Road this Saturday with her friend Margaret.

Margaret bought the £256 tickets in October as a present for Lesley's birthday.

But the pair, from Corby, Northamptonshire, still haven't received them. 


Margaret and Lesley are worried they won't get to see Rod Stewart


“Ten days ago we phoned Ticket Selection and they told us the tickets would be sent in eight days," Lesley, 59, said.

“But time comes and goes and still nothing.

“Now they’re not answering the phone or email and all my tweets have been ignored.”

Yesterday, Ticket Selection told Lesley and Margaret they would need to pick up the tickets from an agent outside the stadium.

“It just doesn’t sound right,” said Lesley. "We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that we won’t see Rod Stewart.”

She feels Ticket Selection have not done enough to keep customers up to date.

“It’s despicable, it really is. Going to a concert is a big thing. How can you let so many people down?”

Lesley and Margaret are not the only ones worried about picking up the tickets from a stranger.

Lauren Elis, from London, explained how her mum spent £400 on four Coldplay tickets for this weekend.


Coldplay - Lauren's mum is still waiting for her tickets


“My mother is worried because the tickets have still had not arrived,” Lauren said. “She sent emails and called their phone number, both of which received no response.

“On 2nd June, two days before the concert, I started to use Twitter to help but received no response

“Later that day a message was put on the website to collect the tickets from 'Jason at Spice House on Maine Road'.

“But the location does not exist in Manchester and the number does not ring.

“So today, on the day before the concert, no one knows what is going on.

“I am not comfortable with my mother going to some dodgy area of Manchester hunting down some ticket rep for her tickets.”

The Ticket Selection Twitter feed is littered with customers furious at missed deliveries.

A Spokesman Said called Ticket Selection but, due to the high volume of calls, no one answered.

We sent an email demanding they explain what was going on.

The company said it was “very busy with ACDC, Stereophonics, Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay” and promised to get back to us.

It assured us that customers would be able to pick up their tickets from reps at the venue.

Are you having problems with Ticket Selection? Get in touch with a A Spokesman Said to warn others.

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