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Stop charity letters, phone calls, emails and texts with new opt-out service

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jul 5, 2017

Households sick of being bombarded over phone, text and email by charities asking for money can sign up to a new opt-out service.

The Fundraising Preference Service (FSP) launches on 6 July 2017.

It allows people to pick charities and block all fundraising communications from that organisation.

Charities are funding the new tool in a bid to restore trust in the sector, driven, in part, by the tragedy of 92-year-old Olive Cooke, who killed herself after receiving up to 267 letters a month as well as persistent phone calls.

The FPS chairman, Michael Grade, said: “The public are rejecting the idea that anybody is free to bombard them."

To register, enter your name and contact details on the FPS website anytime from 6 July or call 0300 3033 517.

You’ll then be asked to choose the specific organisations you no longer want to be contacted by.

You can’t just opt for a blanket ban.

Online users can locate the charity using its name or registered charity number.

Up to three charities can be blocked in any online request but you can make multiple requests in a single day.

Over the phone you can block as many as you like.

The FPS gives charities 28 days from when you submit your details to delete you from any direct marketing lists.

If you are still being contacted beyond this cut off point, make a complaint on A Spokesman Said and report them to the FPS, which can then report the complaint on to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If found guilty, the charity could receive a fine of up to £25,000.

If you donate to a charity you’ve already blocked, that charity can ‘check in’ and see if you’re happy to receive fundraising material again.

For more in-depth advice, read: How to stop cold calls.

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