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People power wins justice for Vodafone customer left with bad credit rating

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Aug 5, 2015

We asked you to share our story demanding justice for Ashleigh Rothery.

Your reaction has helped right a serious wrong. 

Ashleigh was left unable to start a new job at Lloyds, after a catalogue of errors by Vodafone left her with a bad credit rating.

She was getting nowhere with her complaint.

Vodafone had washed their hands of it.  

Her career was dead in the water, and she even had a county court order hanging over her head.

But then YOU responded to our blog, and spread the word about how Ashleigh has been mistreated.

Just two days later, after months of stress, Ashleigh got a call from the Vodafone director’s office.

They were investigating her complaint and would have an answer as soon as possible.

Her case had gone to the highest level.

Just hours later, she received an email from Ashley Wedgwood in the director’s office, apologizing for what had happened and saying that her credit rating would be restored.


The email Ashleigh received from the Director's Office. 

A delighted Ashleigh told us:

“I can't thank you guys enough! With all your help you have made a director from Vodafone call and apologise and all the bad credit has been cleared from my name! I’ll say it again: I cannot thank you enough!"

Ashleigh is now free to pursue her career in finance, and is already lining up job applications at major banks. She’s got her life back on track.

This victory is for everyone who shared Ashleigh’s story, and helped us demand action.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when we all club together and raise our voices.

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